-Dr.C.N. Haneefakoya

Though early history of Lakshadweep is unwritten material and historical evidences shows inhabitation might have been originated during the Polynesian period. dr, N Muthukoya in his book Lakshadweep Nootandukaliloode( Lakshadweep through centuries) undeniably convince the local culture in par with the Polynesian traditions. The Buddhist monastery leftovers found in many islands points towards an early settlement. There have been few traditions also which are backing for the proof for the Buddhist theory. Later it is found many statutes of Krishna and other Hindu mythological heads which is pointing to the existence of Hindu religion. The first written proof about the islands dates back to the Hijra 41, futhuhathool jazair( triumph of the islands). The evidences undoubtedly pronounce that Hindu religion was in command during the conversion period by the saint Ubaaidullah. But, in spite of all material and cultural evidences some historians narrates the story of Cheraman Perumal the last king of Crangnore in connection with the first settlement on these islands. It is believed that the last settlers were Hindus; even now unmistakable Hindu social stratification exists in these islands; even after practicing Islam for many such tradition is the matrilineal division of property. In all the islands this practice was in carried outbefore Tippu Sultan ruled northern group of islands. Tippu introduced the land division in respect to the sharia of Islamic tradition. Legends say that small settlements started in the islands of Amini, Kavaratti, Andrott and Kalpeni first and later people from these islands moved to other islands of Agatti, Chetlat and Kadmat.

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