It’s Raining Again …. (A Poem)

By- (Dr.Muhseena Beegum-Kiltani)

Mom, the monsoon has arrived once again
To bring the joy of singing rain
The nostalgia of remembrance…
You always told me not to step out
When the western winds pick up during monsoon
But I’d always been to the outside,
To listen to the songs from the west…
I remember you chase me when I jump into the rain
The dance in the drops
What a rhythm it was!
I miss you safe hands,
When the thunder delivers at a high pitch here
You had always been a storyteller,
When the rain fall in symphony…
Now here in the rain,
My frozen heart ails for you
Without you, it’s raining from my eyes
It’s raining in the outside,
Mom, here it’s raining…

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