The Light of my Life (poem)

The Light of my Life   (poem)         

The Holy Book says
Day and night do comes
Light and darkness too appears
Everyone’s life is like that
Mine is not different.
The inmates of earth we are
Father and mother tasted
The bitter fruit from the Heaven
Eden discharged them out
God’s forgiveness soothed them
And we, the children of Adam and Eve
Do mistakes ourselves
Forgive us Lord for our sin
Lead us to thy Divine world
Never let us think of the past deeds
The Light of my life begins from childhood
The care of my mother
She does whatever she can
With her little knowledge
She enrolled us to the vast universe.
The light of my life then
Was the school of little native land
Then my life shifted to
The crescent shaped island
Where I found my life for future.
The light of my life is
Derived from the old people
Residing in my island
Some from my colleagues, well-wishers
And from my Great teachers.....
Who often lend me pieces of knowledge.
Thus the light led me
To thy light my Lord
Now I am near to you
Submitting myself
To thy path of Goodness
Never then let me go away.
The Holy Book of Yours says
“Verily with every difficulty
There is relief”
And the former first person of our Nation
Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Who I adore most, says
“God has not promised skies always blue;
Flower-strewn pathways. All our life through;
God has not promised sun without rain
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain”.

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  1. Really a poem with vision and wisdom, keep it up and try to pour out more for this hungry people to quest their thirst.

    Chalakad Bitra


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