An Interview with A.K. Basheerudheen

 Dr. Basheerudheen is here to write a book on Lakshadweep History. He is from West Bengal and his old name is A.K. Bhattacharya. He converted to Islam when he was twenty threes years old. We made an interview with him.

What is the prime motive behind this research. ?

As a part of my studies on the situation s of Islam in southern India in a historical perspective.

Is your work goes on easy?

Well it is. But I am running short of materials. So wish your readers could give some information about these points

  1. The Salient Geographical and Geological Facts about the Islands
  2. Early Settlers and the Salient Ethnic Features
  3. Religious and Political History of the islands down to the Age of its Coming of Islam
  4. How Islam came to the Islands and how it Established itself there ( In the lights of the legends and the facts)
  5. History of Islam on the Islands till the age of the coming of the Portuguese ( The relations of the Muslim order of the Maldives with the Muslim order of the Islands)
  6. Interaction with the Portuguese and with the Kunjali Marakkars
  7. Interaction with the Other Europeans
  8. Interaction with the Chirakkals the Arakkal and Myssore
  9. Interactions with the Arakkals and the British as well as the spread of the British influence over the Insular regions.

Readers can send any information on these points via email: or via Mobile No. 9995095232.

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